New Roof, Re-roof and repairing

New Roof, Re-roof and repairing

Need repair?

Whether to fix or get an entirely new roof is mainly an issue of time. One thing is – you don’t want to replace your roof shingles too early and don’t get a good return. However, on the contrary, waiting too long can be more costly than anticipated. Ultimately, the issue is to wait until the right time. But what is the right time?

In the end, most of the roofs wear out and need replacement, but it depends on the material and weather. So right timing is essential and for that, one needs to have the knowledge to evaluate the overall condition of the roof and recognize any signs of deterioration or damage of the roof.

However, not having expert knowledge of roofing, most homeowners must rely on roofing professionals. Here comes our expert advice as we strive to educate our clients so that clients can have some basic roofing understanding and are able to make the right decision regarding their roofing needs.

How to examine initial signs of deterioration?

Once a year try to check the condition of your roof, so you can plan any necessary repairs. Take some pictures and notes of your roof every year and compare it with the previous year while making sure the roof is free of snow, water deposits, leaves, etc.

Make sure to look for the following signs of roof damage:

 > Shingles that are turning, bending, or blistering

 > crack up caulk or rust spots on flashing.

 > masses of moss, decayed roof structure

 > stacks of grit from asphalt roof tiles in the gutters

damaged areas around skylights, pipes, and chimneys.

Also check inside the house, early signs of damage in the roof can contain dark patches on ceilings, damp marks alongside fireplaces, watermarks on pipes venting the water heater or furnace, and peeling paint on the underneath of roof overhangs.

Need a new roof?

Needing a new roof depends upon variables like shingle's age, wear, and tear, framing sturdiness, home’s sensitivity to potential damage and weather incidents, etc.

Your location and local weather play a major part in deciding what kind of shingles to install if you decide to replace the whole roof. If you live near a lot of dry brush and trees, wood and asphalt shingles aren’t a great option as these are not fire-resistant. However, Slate, tile, and metal are great options as they offer way better protection against fire, although these are expensive ones but a worthy of investment.

Furthermore, if you want to rent out your property, you might like to consider a less costly option or simply wait till the end of the lifespan of shingles. However, replacing a whole new roof may get you a good return if you are planning to sell your house in near future.

Lastly, framing is another major factor, which is worth considering, as a frame that is not enough strong won’t support the added weight of concrete tiles and in that case, other alternatives will need to be considered.

Why Choose Rely on Roofing Services Ltd.?

We Give the Best Value for your Money. 

Time is of utmost importance, especially when your roof needs repair following a catastrophic storm or leak, and we are aware of this. We create a project timetable and consider the budget we laid out for you at the beginning when planning our time for each work. Our commitment lies in honesty, reliability, quality, and time management We care for your budget that's our experienced roofers will always provide you with the most value for your money.

We Are Experts 

Our crew is trained and qualified to work on residential and commercial buildings. We are equipped to manage projects of all sizes and, take full responsibility from providing roofing materials to the installation of the new roof or repairs for a complete solution for your peace of mind.

We Use the Finest Materials

Rely On Roofing Services understands that employing subpar materials for your roof might result in ongoing issues. Considering this, we ensure that every piece of machinery, tool, and material we use is of the finest quality and is still affordable for you. However, the materials we employ for roof repairs are always decided in consultation with you.

We Maintain a Clean Work Area

Along with offering top-notch roofing solutions, we also make sure to clean while we work. This spares you the headache of having to clean up any leftover pieces and trash once the task is finished.